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Real Good Fun Launches Provocative CONSENT Card Game to De-weaponize Intimacy


Game design studio Real Good Fun launches CONSENT, a provocative new adult card game that entices you to ‘Explore your boundaries. Touch your friends. Change the world.’ At a time when intimacy has become a touchy subject, CONSENT provides a safe environment to explore and express your boundaries in a lively, playful way.


The idea for CONSENT was sparked two years ago, as countless headlines of inappropriate sexual conduct dominated the news. These shocking stories proved that, as a society, we still have a lot to learn about consent. The problem is that fear, intimidation, and power dynamics often get in the way. CONSENT changes the game by leveling the playing field, and making it fun to practice giving and receiving consent.


Intended strictly for adults, CONSENT is like Spin the Bottle for the modern era. Action Cards challenge players to perform a wide range of intimate activities, from mild (like ‘Hold Someone’s Hand’) to daring (like ‘Massage Someone’s Inner Thigh’). But the essence of CONSENT lies in its two-sided Consent Cards, which serve as each player’s voice throughout the game. With ‘I CONSENT’ on one side, and ‘I DO NOT CONSENT’ on the other, they empower players to clearly express their boundaries at every turn, with no need for explanation or justification. Players simply use their Consent Card to indicate which actions, if any, they agree to perform. Because true consent must always be given freely -- without pressure or incentive -- no points are awarded, the game continues for as long as the group desires, and everyone who plays wins!


Real Good Fun is dedicated to developing socially conscious games that create and enhance authentic connections. Co-founders Erin and Ken Moeller believe so deeply in this vision that Ken quit his corporate career to bring their passion to life. “We value authenticity, kindness, and fun -- and that’s what our games are all about,” says Ken.


CONSENT is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at, where the crowdfunding campaign will remain live through mid-October. Backers will be the first to receive the game, which will later be available for purchase at


In addition to believing CONSENT will have broad consumer appeal, the couple also sees its potential value in both educational and therapeutic settings. According to Erin, “We hope CONSENT is just the beginning, and that we can continue to create games that not only entertain, but also spark the change we wish to see in the world.”



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Real Good Fun is a new game design studio focused on the development of socially conscious tabletop games that create and enhance authentic connections. We believe so deeply in the power of CONSENT that we left our corporate careers to bring this passion to fruition. We value authenticity, kindness, and fun — and that's what our games are all about!

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